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Pastor Don Carden and his wife Louise came to Craig County Baptist on Nov 12th 2006 to assist the church in calling a new Pastor.  However, the Church continued to ask him to come back and preach for them, every Sunday but two. In February 2007, the Church asked him to consider to be their new Pastor. After much prayer he was called as Pastor  in March of 2007.

Craig County Baptist Church

  1. The Bible to be the verbally inspired word of God from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.
  2. That Christ is the only answer for the Sin problem of this world. (John 1:29).
  3. Our soul's salvation is attained by grace through faith on the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, by his death, burial and resurrection. (Eph. 2:8-9).
  4. That Jesus will return as "A thief in the night" to catch away those that are saved. (1 Thes 4:13-17).
  5. In the "Imminent" return of Jesus Christ and that ment should be ready to meet him lest they be caught unaware. (Matt. 24:42-43).
  6. In being "Evangelistic", "Missionary", "Baptistic" and the premillennial truth of the scripture.
  7. That Heaven awaits every believer and the eternal "Lake of Fire awaits every unbeliever.


Joshua Allred                                               Mexico

Asain Baptist Clearinghouse                        Congo

Christian Hendrick                                       Congo

Janice Hickey                                               Ecuador

Elden Kaeo                                                  Polynesia

Larry Lilly                                                     Mexico

Dean McClure                                             Brazil

Jonathan Perry                                            Australia

Dan Peters                                                  Hungary

Gordon Pulley                                             SMORS

Larry Rohr                                                  Brazil- retired

Charles Strong                                           Mexico

Renae Thompson                                      Germany

Brian Wright                                               Wales

Matthew McKendree                                 Peru

Christine Strong                                         Mexico

Paul Clark                                                  Columbia

Rosie Hanson                                            Bibles to the Nations

Freda Phelps                                              Bibles to Isreal

Lutsk Orphans                                           Russia

Steven Huestis                                          Brazil

Rick Martin                                                Phillipines

Eric Bohman                                              Africa

Douglas Sisson                                         Phillipines

Joy Wesson                                             Dominican Republic

Bob Oyerly                                               New Testament Church Builders